How to Combat the Procrastination Monster – Today!

Cheap BlackHorse Rear Bumper Guard, – Since you already have enough on your plate and are feeling like a clown trying to juggle everything on your to do list you probably want to stop reading this, but wait one minute before you click away from this article.

moving through that to do list with ease and enjoyment. Just imagine those feelings of accomplishment, peace, success and being in control of the things happening around you.

Procrastination is actually the effect of something else. So what causes putting things off? What is underneath the procrastination? What is really holding us back from taking action on the things that are important to us?

More often than not, the cause is your gremlin, or in other words, that pesky little voice in your head telling you that you are not capable or good enough to really do what you want to do. For example, let’s talk about two scenarios as it relates to homework.

The first scenario has to do with a subject that you find very interesting and deeply enjoy learning about. This is the subject that you can’t get enough of and you feel very competent in. As you think about how strongly you perform in this subject, how motivated are you to do this homework? How excited are you to delve further into the subject and get things done?

Naturally the subjects you are good at and interested in, you aren’t as likely to procrastinate on. This is perfectly understandable because we love doing things that we are good at, of course it is easy to get things done that we enjoy because we feel smart, competent and good about ourselves within these subjects.

Now for the second scenario; this is the subject that you like the least. You dread going to this class and can’t stand the thought of putting more effort into it after school. Here is where your gremlin comes in and starts heckling you. Maybe he is saying you are not smart enough or that you shouldn’t bother because you will fail anyway. What is that little inner critic telling you as it relates to the thing you are putting off? What is its message? The more we listen to our gremlin the more demotivated we are to take action. Of course, when we believe these criticisms about ourselves, it is difficult to make forward momentum.

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