Head Lice In The House! What You Don’t Need To Do

Buy Arteriors 76343-423 Cooper Silver – The thought of lice in the house is enough to send many parents over the edge. But getting rid of head lice doesn’t involve cleaning your whole house from top to bottom. So relax, and keep your focus on the removal of lice from your kids’ heads, not on fumigating your home.

Don’t Go Crazy Cleaning Your Whole House

Upon getting the news that their kids have unwanted guests on their head, many parents go into a frenzy, throwing bedding in the washer, sealing stuffed toys and pillows in plastic bags for weeks, and vacuuming anything that doesn’t run away screaming.

The truth is that a head louse has to be on a human head to survive. They can’t live on cats or dogs either, so don’t be thinking of bathing Fluffy or Fido. They’re not guilty of harboring lice.

A louse is equipped with claws on its little feet that enable it to clamp onto a hair on your child’s head, and hang on, no matter what happens. If for some unlikely reason it does manage to fall off, it will be dead within 24 hours. They just can’t survive out in the environment, away from a head of hair.

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